Pickles is an all-white neutered male with green eyes. He’s three-and-a-half years old. 

He isn’t wearing a collar, but has been micro-chipped. 

He ought to be at home in Bellevue Road, but isn’t. Instead, he’s been missing since 8 January.

Pickles is in a bit of a pickle. 

Please keep an eye out for him, and check your sheds. If you’ve seen him recently or know where he is now, kindly call his humans on 07794 00305. Alternatively, call the Identibase helpline on 0370 2408245, quoting reference number 011D36.

UPDATE (12 January)

From Pickles' people: 'Wonderful news – Pickles came home last night around midnight! It was such a relief! He was a bit lighter and hungry but otherwise completely well, the wee rascal!'

Bellevue Road