Forrest Group has appealed against Edinburgh Council’s decision on their internally illuminated digital display at 10 Croall Place (Ref. 14/00624/ADV).

As previously reported here (Breaking news, 6.3.14; 15.4.14), Forrest narrowly gained planning permission in the spring for a larger than originally consented apparatus. It is now appealing to the Scottish Government against Conditions 4 and 5 of that consent, regarding the frequency of image change (not more than one every 15 seconds) and restriction to static (not moving) images.

When Spurtle checked the City Screen at 5.20pm this evening, it was showing 4 static images at 5-second intervals.

You can keep abreast of the appeal documents and other representations as they are submitted on the Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals website. Key-in ADA-230-2006 here

Those 16 people who have already objected to Forrest’s most recent application will have their comments automatically sent to the DPEA unless they ask for them to be disregarded. The deadline for such a request, or for them to make any new points, or indeed for anyone else to wade in with relevant arguments about this case, is 28 July.

Letters should be sent to: Directorate for Planning & Environmental Appeals, 4 The Courtyard, Callendar Business Park, Falkirk FK1 1XR. 

Meanwhile, enquiries about the case can be made by phone to Edinburgh Council’s John Mciver on Tel. 0131 529 3918.

10 Croall Place
55° 57' 42.1812" N, 3° 10' 49.8072" W