Rayprographics seeks to vary its planning consent with a new plan for the 626 sq.m. site at 5 Warriston Road (Ref. 16/04263/FUL). 

The plans are not particularly easy to read, but it looks to us as if the substantially revised scheme, by McCreadie Design Ltd, comprises 5 storeys providing six flats (one 1-bed, three 2-bed, two 3-bed). The scheme approved earlier comprised 10 flats. 

The most immediately striking change is that at ground-floor level overlooking the Water of Leith, the main west-facing stone wall of the old cottage and parts of its shorter north and south-facing elevations would be retained with parking behind for 10 cars, bicycles and bin storage. 

Mixed feelings

Spurtle rues the loss of Warriston Cottage, whose historical significance was recognised in the original Council report of November last year (Breaking news, 17.11.16). To that extent, we have sympathy with those who find these new proposals as unacceptable as the last. 

However, the developer already has permission to demolish the building completely, so this does not appear to be a battle that can be won. Under these circumstances, a very partial survival of one elevation of the cottage (albeit minus the sash windows, distinctive shutters, tiled roof and chimneys) would be a minor but welcome nod to the building’s former place in the landscape and locals affections. We find the latest street elevation a considerable improvement on the previous scheme.


Neighbours additional reservations include:

  • too little explanation of the drawings
  • insufficient detail on height and the type, colour and finish of materials
  • no provision of parking or waiting on Boat Green
  • no mention of recycling bins
  • no height given for retaining wall
  • two flats allegedly 14 sq.m. below Council guidelines
  • potential overshadowing 
  • potential loss of mature trees
  • re-routing of sewerage under neighbours property.

We understand that the Water of Leith Conservation Trust is also unhappy with the new design. It objects to the loss of the cottage and increased urbanisation of the street. It finds the west-facing elevation unacceptable; is worried about flooding for residents; and concerned about increased traffic levels for pedestrians, particularly at the Canonmills junction.

Those wishing to comment formally on the proposal may follow this link, and have until 18 October to do so.

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@theSpurtle could be converted into a pub. You could call it The Heron Inn. #pun #funny

Jon Jon ‏@looseinstincts

@theSpurtle on traffic: quiet enough that making road 2 way and closing it at Canonmills should be fine. Would make area much more pleasant

Lorraine Moore Any news of rebuilding the cottage elsewhere?

5 Warriston Road
55° 57' 48.1752" N, 3° 11' 56.6052" W