City of Edinburgh Council has settled on a final design for Picardy Place. Enabling works are already in progress. Construction will begin next month and is scheduled to finish by the end of this year. 

Since the Transport & Environment Committee voted to go ahead with the gyratory in January, various tweaks to the plan have been agreed with community, pedestrian and cyclist groups. 

A CEC press release this morning said these alterations include: 

  • Reducing traffic lanes to give more space to pedestrians/cyclists
  • Increase in public realm space around the Cathedral 
  • Confirmation of bus stop provision and servicing provision
  • Upgrade of traffic signal arrangements working closely with Council signals team
  • Simplification/improvement of crossing arrangements for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Cycle priority measures at junctions e.g. right turn on to Broughton Street.


At the time of posting this article (11.50am), no further details were available apart from the attached, rather blurry jpg. We’re currently  pressing for a clearer image and more information.

‘While it is very challenging to accommodate the many conflicting expectations of different groups and individuals,’ said T&E Convener Lesley Macinnes in a written statement, ‘we believe that these improved designs have taken on board the best mix possible of everyone’s thinking around this crucial gateway to Edinburgh's Old and New Towns World Heritage Site. 

‘As well as being a positive place where people will want to spend time as well as travel through, it has to give the best possible conditions for people on foot, cycling, using public transport or vehicles to get to where they are going.

‘It is sometimes difficult to fully envisage what designs can bring in reality but the end results will, I hope, truly deliver for local residents and everyone else who will visit this lovely part of Edinburgh.’

Spurtle is indeed finding it hard to fully envisage what will arrive in reality. Even now, we’re not sure we’ve grasped how disappointed we will be at the lost opportunity to make Picardy Place a much lovelier part of Edinburgh.

UPDATE, 1.00pm: We now have a much clearer and zoomable pdf (see foot of page). We’re promised a link shortly. Watch this space.

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Picardy Place
55° 57' 24.9084" N, 3° 11' 12.5232" W