C-ing and believing

Dear Spurtle 

I was beginning to think that Spurtle’s cataloguing of Lesley Hinds’ “over commitment” had put a stop to the Environment Convener’s incessant use of the c-word, but here she goes again: 

“All elected members will be well aware how important an issue refuse collection is to their constituents and the Council is absolutely committed to delivering the best possible services we can for the people of Edinburgh.” 

This quote comes from a Herald article about – guess what – complaints about missed collections in Edinburgh rising to 1,000 a week. And it exemplifies the golden rule of public commitment: that claiming you’re “committed to” something is the easy way of not apologising for your failure to do that very thing. 

David Jackson Young

(India Street)


[UPDATE BY SPURTLE: Cllr Hinds is quoted in the Edinburgh Evening News (29.8.16) as follows: 'We are well aware how important an issue refuse collection is and the council is committed to delivering an efficient service for the people of Edinburgh – we're always working to make significant improvements to the service.' For the quote in context, go here.]