Pooch, dirt, and the problem with poo

Dear Spurtle, 
This is a bit distasteful, sorry – but has there been an increase in human defecation in public places around Broughton since the Council sold off the public lavatories? 
My dog just had to be treated (cost = £440) because he ingested drugs via human excrement in Broughton Place Lane. 
I suspect the excrement regularly deposited on that lane and on surrounding pavements is not all dog-related. 
Someone else I know had an incident in their stairway – a normally secured door was left unfastened. So this must be happening in many other unsecured blocks. 
The question is – if the Council permits homelessness on the streets, as seen all along Princes Street doorways in the early morning, where are these people to go to relieve themselves?
Why am I paying Council Tax to live in a filthy and unsafe city?
A concerned citizen