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Starbucks look set to move in at 7 Shrub Place, occupying the vacant unit between Sainsbury’s and Ziggurat. 

The news emerged as part of a planning application to make minor changes to the building’s frontage and install advertising there (Refs 16/00277/FUL; 16/00278/ADV). 

It is easy to see the logic behind the arrival. Over 500 caffeine-thirsty and WIFI-hungry students live either upstairs or across the road. And – in the event of an extension to Newhaven – a tramstop is planned here. 

Some will regard the development as another welcome upgrade for this section of Leith Walk.

Others, however, will lament that it does no favours for the myriad, small, independent cafés which currently add variety and charm to this neck of the woods.

Between Brunswick Street and Pilrig Street alone, we can think of nine: LB’s, Bites, Meanwhile, Embo, Fair Trade, Word of Mouth, Bramble, Yellow Bench and Gaia.

As ever, folks, use them or lose them.

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Lennie Lennie ‏@drgs100 

@theSpurtle Balls.

Helen Helen ‏@chronicknitting  

So many good indie cafes in Leith Walk

Brian McRoberts Retweeted Broughton Spurtle

Agree, there are plenty of wee cafes doon the 'Walk, though I bet a lot stoodents will not enter them and go there.

 Michael Traill It's good that they want to invest in the area. Prior to this development, the site really wasn't very pretty.

One thing the Starbucks will do is give more consumer choice which can only be a good thing. If you dont like Starbucks tax policies or would rather support a smaller local retailer - you simply dont go into Starbucks or buy anything from them.

Small retailers will likely be concerned about more competition but if they provide a good product at a good price, Im sure they will keep their loyal customers.

 Paul Burgess Don't worry, at least it's not in Broughton

 Simon Eilbeck Bleurgh.

 Harry Aarrestad Oh No !

 Davie Miller ‏@badger_funk

Surprised its taken this long.

Roberta Buchan Their mediocre coffee won't replace Word of Mouth in my estimation. But I daresay they fit with the style the new development adopts.

Ally Tibbitt Retweeted Broughton Spurtle

When this block got permission I remember joking about a metro supermarket and a Starbucks...

LeithLateOutrageous. #Leith is no place for @Starbucks #keepLeithlocal @StaceyHunterEDI @new_met @andginger

Peter Matthews ‏@urbaneprofessor 

Peter Matthews Retweeted Broughton Spurtle

Ooh hurrah! I can have a cheeky mocha. Gentrification a-go-go.

Mikey Mikey ‏@WestPilton 

Mikey Retweeted Broughton Spurtle

A StarBucks on Leith Walk! Can only hope Begbie is against this....

Disco ‏@smuglyfe

@leithlate @Starbucks @StaceyHunterEDI @new_met @andginger @theSpurtle the gentrification of Leith rumbles on

Stacey Hunter ‏@StaceyHunterEDI 

@smuglyfe @leithlate @Starbucks @new_met @andginger @theSpurtle The canary in the mineshaft some would say...

Morvern Cunningham ‏@morvc

@StaceyHunterEDI @smuglyfe @leithlate @Starbucks @new_met @andginger @theSpurtle Canary's deid.

Andrew Blair ‏@freelance_liar

@theSpurtle Two good coffee shops across the road from there on Albert Street.

Gav ‏@Antihippy

@BenMacpherson I see the @theSpurtle made us aware of this new Stabucks: as a candidate what's your view? @LeithSNP

@allytibbitt @theSpurtle I keep making the same joke every time I see the phrase "incorporating high quality Class 1/3 retail".

@allytibbitt @theSpurtle Except it long since ceased to be a joke. It appears to be practically mandatory in Edinburgh.

Insert name here ‏@MTraill 

@theSpurtle good :) A welcome development.

Lizzie Rynne ‏@CityCycling 

@allytibbitt @theSpurtle I would have loved a #Margiotta shop and a locally run café. I so dislike this ongoing globalisation of our places.

@allytibbitt @theSpurtle Shrubhill is the new Holy Corner

@CityCycling @allytibbitt @theSpurtle i mean it got the Metro supermarket / Starbucks combo a few years back under guise of redevelopment