New issue


As you read this, advanced copies of the March Spurtle are already popping up across the barony like snowdrops awaiting the first dog of spring. 

We begin on Page 1 with 186 miles of scaffolding, a foot, a hole, a potentially colourful crossing, and an abrupt absence.

On Page 2 we continue with news of roughly circular arguments, straightforward disruption, carbon-neutrality to your doorstep, and a potential Trojan Horse. There are also Planning stories aplenty, supplemented by news of knitting, local businesses, and buses.


As you read this, early copies of the February Spurtle are already traipsing their way across the barony like lost tourists in search of something authentic. 

We begin on Page 1 with a backward glance at the cause of all the mud, continue with better news about the cause of all the emptiness, look forward to plans for getting more quickly from one blighted spot to another, and introduce two delightful new faces to a delighted Bellevue. 

ISSUE 291 – OUT ON THE 1st!

As you read this, copies of the December Spurtle are already to be found beautifying the barony like a newly washed flock of sheep by night all seated on the ground. 

This month’s issue (and next month’s, come to think of it) begins by bleating on about the indefensible and how it is being defended, continues with the unforeseen effects of stationary vehicles, baas about democracy, then concludes with the underground and a bad fleece day turned strangely good. 


As you read this, early copies of the November Spurtle are already flittering across the halloween Barony like vampire bats out of a witch’s haunted coffin carried by zombies covered in spiders. Or something. 

Page 1 rattles its chains with news of disquiet, an abandoned station, the borderland between one world and the next, and things that cling in the night.

On Page 2 we look at the quick and the not-so-quick, odd noises from liminal spaces, mysterious diggers, and the folk who failed to materialise.


As you read this, advanced copies of October’s Spurtle are already knocking at doors in the barony like an AirBnB guest arriving 24 hours too early.

Page 1 begins with a gentle rattling of the key safe and some disapproving tuts concerning pipework. It continues with muttering about money, a threat of kerbside discontent, pessimistic outpourings, and a determination to hold someone to account.


As you read this, copies of the latest September Spurtle are fanning out across the barony like millionaire MPs’ contingency funds towards offshore tax havens. 

Page 1 begins with a ding-dong on loud things done in EH1. It continues with new news (more of the same) on the major development in EH3, and concludes with a wish and a promise on EH7’s enduring appeal. All this with a brief detour into 19th-century Persian politics. So far, so Broughton.


As you read this, copies of the July Spurtle are already illuminating obscure corners of the barony, glinting like gold, bouncing like sunbeams off a holidaying Italian dentist’s smile as she leaves her Bellevue Airbnb in search of the day’s first espresso. 

Reading four-page hyperlocal newspapers is widely acknowledged to increase sexual allure and cure baldness, but the Spurtle can also be enjoyed as an invigorating infusion or source of information on an area bounded by Howe Street, Queen Street, Canonmills, and the wilds of Pilrig. This month we report on 40 locations.


As you read this, team members in sundresses, sandals, and sombreros are already wading across the barony with the latest sizzling copies of the Broughton Spurtle. 

This month’s issue begins on Page 1 with bollards, moves on to a public rift, detours via unusually sized body parts, and concludes with a new Place for Edinburgh communities. 


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