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We’re an opinionated and contradictory bunch in these parts.

Everyone brimming with views, but not always keen to give vent to them in public and in person.

Perhaps this explains the recent rash of pronouncements around the barony, signs offering advice on everything from self-help to the creative big picture.

We begin our tour of the neighbourhood at the Warriston Junction bridge (on the path just north of Tesco Broughton Road), where this contribution first appeared over a month ago.


There is much to admire here in the passive-aggressive deployment of mental ju-jitsu, simultaneously warning the reader against being judgemental whilst implicitly judging them for doing so. What results is a hall of mirrors from which only the artist emerges … occupying the moral high ground and having their cake and eating it and licking their fingers afterwards.

Now, moving on, to everything there is a season, but not necessarily a period.

The commentator who added to a Bellevue Crescent phonebox advertisement is not in the mood to take condescending advice from anyone, no matter how well meant it may be.

period piece

Onward to Powderhall, where we’re reminded to look beyond the obvious.

At one level, the pandemic is purely microbial. But at another, we agree, its consequences have inevitably prompted more than ‘simple’ health-management responses. Everything in the world is political so long as there’s more than one person in it.

The Powderhall aperçu comes courtesy of the Green Anti-Captialist Front, about whom you can read more here.


The next offering appears on a mysterious grey box at the west end of East Claremont Street … and just about everywhere else locally.

Whoever is (prolifically) responsible seems intent on spreading a kind of Christian scepticism about established scientific principle.

Spurtle has no objection to anyone questioning anything, and feels sure backers of evolution will have no difficulty in defending their position. Or adapting it as the case may be.

grey box

Finally, if all these waggy-fingered exhortations are beginning to grate, take comfort from the wisdom pasted to a lamppost on Arboretum Avenue.

meat suit

Dear fellow meat suits, we wish you a pleasant day.—AM / DM


sign in window